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Elk River Chiropractic Wants to Make Clendenin, WV, Feel Better

If you need chiropractic care for Clendenin, WV, and the surrounding areas, contact the trusted team at Elk River Chiropractic. Friends and family may have suggested calling a chiropractor to treat physical pain. You might have considered chiropractic care in the past but instead stuck to traditional medicine. The medication, and maybe even surgery, may have done very little to ease the pain you have been dealing with. It is time to come to our trained chiropractors at Elk River Chiropractic. 

We want you to feel your best. Call us at (304) 965-2458 or contact us online to make an appointment in Charleston, WV. Elk River Chiropractic also offers emergency appointments.

We Use A Massage Therapy Approach to Help Our Patients in Pain

While focusing on the soft tissues and joints surrounding the spine, Elk River Chiropractic utilizes massage therapy for treatment. Our treatments can decrease muscle tension, improve your posture, circulation, and flexibility. Give your body what it needs to enhance your health and wellness with our massage therapy services. Our team will ensure you feel more positive about your body’s well-being with certified massage therapy treatment. Give us a call today to book a massage therapy appointment near Clendenin, WV.


Here at Elk River Chiropractic, our staff practices several chiropractic care treatments. Our work aims to restore joint mobility by applying a controlled force into joints that have become restricted in their movement. Residents of Kanawha County, Jackson County, and surrounding areas may be intimidated by “force.” However, the treatment usually does not cause further discomfort.

Call us today if you need any of our chiropractic care services to restore joint mobility.

Quality Chiropractic Care for Clendenin, WV, and Surrounding Areas

At Elk River Chiropractic, our staff is committed to providing the best chiropractic care for Clendenin, WV, and surrounding areas. Pain throughout your back, neck, joints, and other areas is nothing to put aside. Our staff will provide you with the proper treatment you need to alleviate that pain. We proudly offer the following services to Kanawha County, Jackson County, and beyond:

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