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Chiropractor in Charleston, WV

Find Relief From Pain at Elk River Chiropractic

When you need a chiropractor in Charleston, WV, come to Elk River Chiropractic. Since 2001, we have helped several patients get back to doing things they love. Whether you need a spinal alignment, sports and personal injury rehabilitation, or a workers’ compensation evaluation, we can help. No matter your age or what injury you suffer from, our skilled staff can help you throughout your recovery.

Give us a call today at (304) 965-2458 to book an appointment and for emergency appointments.

Our Charleston, WV, Office At A Glance

Elk River Chiropractic has been in business in Charleston, WV, since 2001. Dr. A. Scott Collias is a Palmer College graduate. He has performed disc decompression, sports physicals, and massage therapy for patients of all ages. Our office also provides diagnostic procedures, X-Ray services, and emergency appointments. Dr. Collias is a certified acupuncturist. Elk River Chiropractic also accepts attorney liens.

Customizing Treatment to Fit Your Condition

Because all patients’ physical problems are different, Elk River Chiropractic can customize your treatment to ensure the proper care. Under our care, everyone is treated with respect and dignity, and our patients appreciate that philosophy. We clearly explain all the treatments, testing, therapy, and forms, so our patients know what to expect from us. At Elk River Chiropractic, we offer a wide range of chiropractic care options to assist our patients’ recovery. Give us a call today and let our caring staff help get your life back to normal.

Exercise Regimens to Keep Patients Strong in Charleston, WV

Strengthen your body’s ability to withstand the stresses associated with routine exercise and sports competitions. Our staff will assess your needs and come up with an exercise regimen that works for your busy life. With an exercise plan, minor aches and pains are common. We strive to help our patients find something that works for them. Doing so will help them alleviate some of those aches and pains.

Comprehensive Chiropractic Care and Family-Friendly Atmosphere

Elk River Chiropractic’s staff provides comprehensive care and a relaxing atmosphere for all our patients. We proudly welcome new patients from Kanawha County and Jackson County. We know that some people may be reluctant to go to a chiropractor, but you will be happy you made the appointment. Contact us today if you need the following services:

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